Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,
k00kaburra why did her heart skip a beat as he raised the bread of Christ to his lips?

...what are those little communion wafers called? Is that it? Communion wafer? That doesn't sound very exciting. 'Host' is better...

Trying to finish my mini-scene for tomorrow, but no longer interested in my piece. I can't decide whether to abort - it's only 400 words, so I don't feel like I've invested so much I have to keep it - or power through. Maybe change the POV?

I recently listened to Ann Rule's Green River, Running Red and for some reason her writing style is really influencing me. Very "he said, she did, etc." Factual, crisp. Great for writing about the actions of serial killers; not so hot when trying to explain why your character has a crush on a guy at her church but can't make a move because he's got a girlfriend. (No, I didn't choose the topic.)

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