Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And the job search officially begins!

Writing about trying to find a new job is depressing, but not nearly as awful as remembering how poorly I did on my Japanese oral exam today, so let's discuss those job prospects shall we?


Resume One was sent to H.T. Harvey & Associates, an ecology firm, for a part-time office clerk position. I really stressed the management aspects of Lush and tossed in a few sentences about the importance of managing environmental impact for good measure.

Resume Two was sent to UName IT Solutions, part-time office Admin. This one really felt like a shot in the dark; I had to create an account on the company website for managing my resume for this and future positions. That's never a good sign.

Resume Three was sent to NASA for a part-time Event Support/Office Admin position. Emphasis on party coordinator position at Lush.

Let's hope someone calls me back! It's going to be depressing to log these applications every day. I guess that means I have to change my cell phone voice mail greeting. Darn. That "Hey babe, sorry I missed you" has been my voice message for at least four years. Maybe I just need to sprint to the phone and answer it before it hits VM?


In other news I did sell two book on Amazon today. That's always nice

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