Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Pancakes are great.

I slept through church today.

Seanie came in to wake me up around eight, kissing my face but he did it too much so I rolled over and told him to go away. He didn't like that so much. He reminded me of those over-eager puppies that lick your face again and again and again. Slobber dog. Icky. So he told me to get up and take a shower so we could go to church.

"In a minute," I probably said.

Then he came back and told me it was time to get up and that an hour had passed. Didn't feel like an hour. Guess I went back to sleep tho. So we didn't go to church. But Seanie did make me a pancake with blueberries in it and that was pretty tasty.

Which leads to the question - what is the lesson learned?

BE LAZY + OVERSLEEP + REJECTING AMOROUS BOYFRIEND = TASTY BLUEBERRY PANCAKES? Seanie's not gonna like that I picked that one up.

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