Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's a dreary Tuesday in the neighborhood.

It's like a depressing game. How many resumes can I send out before I get a response? Like I said, I hoping for one response for every ten sent, so hopefully I'll hear from someone soon.

Resume Eight: Homecare agency in Santa Clara seeking an office assistant. It doesn't look good. Their Craigslist ad didn't include any information about the company itself, not even a title. That always seems sketchy to me.

Resume Nine: Again, another ad with no company name. It's a real estate office, again seeking an office assistant. It's for a real estate office. Sounds interesting.

Resume Ten: Silicon Valley Land Conservancy is looking for an office admin. Doesn't that sound like the sort of company a Sierra Club kid should be working at?

Resume Eleven: "Jack-of-all-trades" assistant to a wacky inventor. I hope he's wacky, anyway. The job won't be half as interesting if he is not. I think I talked too fast during the phone introduction, tho', so that application's probably a wash. Alas.

Man, it's beautiful and sunny today. Maybe I should forget about a job and just run around in the sunshine.


Edit to add: Received confirmation that my resume is under consideration for Resume One. A response, at least!

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