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Just so it's in writing, I now own Kitty's ass, the back of Jun's neck (where it's ticklish), and Bandaid's boobs & stomach. I am currently negotiating for Tyler's big toes and I need to decide what piece(s) of Kris should be mine. Ha. Kitty owns my hair and Bandaid owns my legs. Bandaid owns Kitty's boobs and Kitty owns Bandaid's butt. Kitty naturally owns all of Tyler (except for the toes that I am trying to obtain). Bandaid owns Jun's fuzzy head.
Anyway. That was not the point of today's entry. Today's entry was going to be about how I'm adjusting to college. I'm not. Bandaid's made lots of friends but they're mostly nerds and/or really boring. Kitty hasn't made any friends and spends all her time in the car, making out with Tyler and/or comparing boob sizes with the Tram/Phoung collective. (Frankly, I can't stand a lot of Kitty's OG friends. They aren't much fond of me either, I imagine. They tend to be OK individually, but when they're together they're catty and bratty.) The "friends" I make are all like Bandaid's friends (dull and dull) or disappear after a while. Like, this one girl in my music class stopped coming to class 'cuz she didn't feel like it so I never see her, but I hear from her 'cuz she calls once in a while. Or, the *kyute* guy, also in my music class, who was a really cool artsy punky prep wanna-be-musician-again (that sounds dumb, but trust me - he was awesome. and cute.) who just hasn't been to class since before the midterm. And, with the famous Sam luck, I didn't even manage to get his name. >_<; raaaaaarrrgh...then there's the branham kids I see sporadically and the other people who wave and say hi and I have *no*effin*clue* who they are.

Oh, and a quick note: Girls who use PMS as an excuse to be rude and snappy and mean? I hate them. That's stupid! Guys don't get to say stuff like, "I touched your boob and it's inappropriate, but I'm horny so it's OK." Girls shouldn't get away with stupid stuff like that!

So socially I'm about as successful as ever.

I only attract geeks and losers. It seems to be the way the wind blows. Darn it! Where'd that fine-ass SJSU boy go? ^_^ I'm gonna be a stalker when I grow up because I have nothing else better to do, man. And the peer pressure/mommy pressure to get a boyfriend is *really* getting to me, can't you tell?

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