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Thick and healthy, like tomato juice.

Y'know what's fascinating? Blood. It rises and falls. It chills. It curdles. When you cut yourself open, it oozes. It flows. It pours out. In many ways, doesn't it remind you of milk?
Anyway, it's just amazing to watch. I mean, you cut yourself and it just pours out like water from a faucet, unless it's a shallow scratch or pinprick. Then it oozes out, one drop at a time. Big, fat, deep red drops.

And it doesn't just flow out consistantly. It comes and goes. It flows out in waves. Very hypnotic, especially if it trickles down your skin and leavs a long red line...I was watching it the other day and it was just terribly interesting.

Uhm. Yeah. I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. Really! Kyaaaaaa...they're coming to take me away!

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