Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Quick updates.

Last Thursday was my birthday, but it's too depressing to be my "real" age so I think I'll just start counting backwards and be 22 this year. That was my favorite age, I think; finally old enough I wasn't 'barely' legal for drinking anymore, and yet definitely young. I think 22 is my perfect age and I don't see any point in changing.

Sean and I went to Rabbit's Foot Meadery in the afternoon to get some mead for my grandfather. (Last time I visited him he mentioned he wanted some, but couldn't find it.) Since Sean and I knew nothing about mead (sweet beer? kinda but not really!) the bartender led us through a tasting of five meads, three beers and an assortment of cysers (ciders.) The tasting room was small and quiet; there was a 'regular' at the end of the bar and a group of people who entered mid-way through our tasting who didn't know anything about mead, either. Lots of fun, and free! Being a lightweight alcoholic the tiny amounts in the tastings practically had me snoring on the bar. The tasting room closes at 6 though so it's hard to get there if you work "real-job" hours.


Friday is a blur. I've been trying to remember what we did, but other than a trip to the mall (that led to the discovery that Bath & Body Works has to re-fill the Sales Lead position, which may have found me my next job) and a visit to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, it is all a blur. Spaghetti Factory was tasty. It makes me snicker, though. Sailor (the ex-boyfriend, haven't mentioned that alias in a few years) took me there once and went on and on about how the downtown San Jose location was the original and the best, and there's only one other San Jose location doesn't measure up blah blah blah. Liar. Was he just talking out of his ass or did someone misinform him and he never bothered to verify facts?


Saturday I worked.
That was no fun.
Money's good tho'.


Sunday Kitty and Bandaid took me to Lisa's Tea Treasures in Santana Row for high tea and that was awesome. :) We also saw Prince Caspian (which seriously suffered from LOTR: Two Towers/Middle-Movie-in-A-Triology-Fillermania Syndromme) and ate sushi at Yoyo Sushi. Fun times.


Monday work.
Time and a half is good.


Tuesday I interviewed with Margaret for the Sales Lead position at Bath & Body Works and applied for a position at Borders. I'm really hesitant to take the B&BW job because I definitely don't want to work retail, and I'm know it would be bad for them to get me all trained up and then I leave. So if I take the position, I'll be stuck with them forever.
I wonder if they'll offer me more money this time. After all, they know a major reason I didn't take it last time was the offer wasn't high enough.

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