Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New job

So I've been working for the acupuncturist for a week or so and it's been going pretty well. The job's a little chaotic because I had virtually no training. I came in last Wednesday to my first shift, got the extreme basics shown to me by Mayra, the woman who works the morning shifts, and then I was tossed in to a five hour shift to figure it out by myself. Well, I did keep telling the doc I learned quickly. I may have to stop mentioning that during interviews.

I'm almost-by-myself most of the time. The doc is rushing back and forth between his patients (I am having trouble re-training myself not to call them 'customers') and always seems to be running on the late side. I greet people, lead them to a room, and then try to keep on top of the telephones and the paperwork. Right before I started the job, they moved to a new office, so everything's chaotic and difficult to find. I haven't even filled out my hiring paperwork yet. That's not a good sign. I'll find them on the Internet tomorrow if boss hasn't located them.

It's not too bad. I think I'll like it OK.


I had another interview yesterday for a part-time receptionist job. That one coincides perfectly with my other job, so if I can get both of them I will quit Lush. Hooray!

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