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Yoshiki~sama joined a new band, and I only just now find out! Hidoiiiiii!

Whoever said God doesn't have a sense of humor was a big fat liar. Last night I asked him, pretty-please, to let me see again that special person I've been dying to talk to for months now. This morning, he's the first thing I see, so to speak - his name was in the newspaper. Gyaaaaaaaaaah! That's not what I meant! I'm telling you, Hitonoko~sama has a really good sense of humor. Ferreal!

But gyaaaah. This and Yoshiki's new band make me want to find this person even more so! Maybe I shall have try to get Kris to hunt him down...they go to the same school...and he's probably relatively high-profile (I hope)

Samchan will return when and if she regains her sanity.
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