Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Party on all you happy hippies!

I'm at Rinconada Hills playing receptionist. Of my various jobs, this one is definitely my favorite, simply because it pays the most without overloading me on work. It's awesome.

Right now a group is renting the Clubhouse for a 60's themed party. It's pretty rockin' out there in the ballroom. There's a 60's tribute band playing and they're good, so it makes a good background music. (As well as foreground - it's pretty loud) Some of the guests are dressed up, and there's alcohol. I wouldn't mind a drink, or some of the food! It all looks so good. But alas, I'm not allowed to go out and dance or eat. (Ha ha. Me. Dancing. That's a funny idea all in itself.) If the party wasn't tonight, I would probably have gone swimming when my shift was over. Ah well. I'll job a couple laps around the neighborhood when I get home.

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