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14 October 2002 @ 08:20 pm
Mahou no jewel  
If I hear the b-word one more time this month, I will go ballistic and shove basketballs down someone's throat. Seriously. Someone is trying to drive me insane, and they're recruited my family and my friends to help them out. (Someone today said I'm like a Kira searching for a Rei. I really didn't need _that._ And no one even knows what I'm talking about, except maybe Kris who doesn't read my diary anymore. I'd rather be a Yukari searching for a Tokumori. Kitty says I look like a model because I'm so tall and skinny. Sometimes I wonder if my friends see the same person I do when I look in the mirror. o.O I am not tall. Nor pretty. Bleah.)
I need to find my halloween costume. I know what I want to be, but to get my costume custom-made is A/too expensive and B/not going to be done in time for the party I need it for. Pffft.

I am not focusing tonight. I keep thinking, "I'll write an entry. I feel pretty focused." And then I can't even concentrate on anything that's happened. Bleah.

Lata gata.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy