Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

They seriously need an idiot clause at Amazon.

Person buys textbook from me last Saturday through Amazon.
On Monday they send me an email saying: "May you please please ship my orders my Monday,June 30,2008.My classes just started on the 30th and I have some homework that needs to be done from the text book.Thank you very much. "

I ship the book on Tuesday, reminding them "I hope the book arrives in time for you to do your homework, but keep in mind it's coming from California. In the future, if you need a book in such a short time-frame I would recommend buying Expedited shipping." I am within Amazon's two-business day time limit for shipping.

Today they send me this e-mail: "Hi.
I bought a Blair Handbook from you, I didn't recieve it. I am late with my assignments, So I bought it, from my bookstore. I don't need it anymore.
If you already sent it, I am going to return it. Give me my money. "

DIMWIT. OF COURSE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ARE LATE, YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO BUY YOUR TEXTBOOK WITH ENOUGH LEEWAY FOR IT TO ARRIVE ON TIME WITH MEDIA MAIL AND YOU'RE TOO CHEAP TO PAY FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING. You deserve your bad grades and you don't deserve any returns or refunds from me. Unfortunately, Amazon will probably force me to refund you and reward your inability to plan ahead.

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