Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Updates on jobs, because that's all I do

Work work work work.
I need a day off.

Lush - I'm still there. I have stepped down as Senior Keyholder but they let me keep my pay, so I didn't leave. I work once a week on average. There's been a lot of turnover, as usual. The MIT, Jo, is no longer with the company and Kaila is "on call" - essentially gone. Two new girls have been hired to replace them.

Acupuncture - As I get used to dealing with insurance it's gotten better, but it's definitely my most stresful job. (It's also my lowest paying. Boo.) I was told that after 30 days I would have a review and a raise, and it's been over a month since I was hired but the doctor took so many days off in June that I have no idea when he thinks thirty days is. I'll give him until my two-month anniversary to bring it up, and if he doesn't then I will. Depending on what my raise is, I may leave the job at the end of summer.

Rinconanda - Awesome job. Usually I get to read and surf the 'net for most of my shift. Residents can be annoying sometimes because they think "closing at 9" means "try real hard to make it out by 9:30" and I don't get paid extra if I clock out at 9:15 instead of 9. (I would bring it up, but since much of my shift does involve doing whatever I want it feels really petty to complain.)

Bath & Body Works - Show up once a month, do the windows, leave. Nothing's changed. I don't even know what my hourly rate is anymore; money just shows up in my account magically.

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