Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lars and the Real Girl

Sean and I watched Lars and the Real Girl last night. It is the cutest movie. (Sean would say it is the creepiest/weirdest/oddest/most dysfunctional movie ever.) Lars is the shyest, most socially awkward guy on the planet. Touching people literally causes him pain. But love comes to all, and to Lars it comes in the form of Bianca, a real doll. From the moment she arrives on his doorstep he starts bringing her around town, introducing her to his family and co-workers. Since Bianca, according to Lars, is very religious (in fact, she's a missionary with nurse's training) she stays at his brother's house in the guest room, while Lars lives in the garage. Naturally, Lars' family is concerned, but the family doctor suggests that the best thing they can do for him is let him live out his delusion that Bianca is a real woman. As the whole town participates in the pretense, Lars begins to come out of his shell and interact with the world around him.

It was sweet. It was sad. It was cute. It was funny. I thought it was FANTASTIC. Sean thought it was WEIRD.

Check it out!


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