Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yeesh folks. The movie wasn't that good.

I finally saw The Dark Knight last night.


That was a really, really, really, REALLY LONG MOVIE.

Heath Ledger did do a good job as the Joker, as everyone says. It's not a funny Joker, just a horrible one. The licking-his-lips thing? Very very creepy.

Two-Face was kinda lame. They shoulda just saved all that for another movie, or left it out altogether. Batman movies don't really need more than one villain; maybe two villains, tops.

And you know how Christian Bale keeps saying if they bring in a Robin, he won't play Batman? PLEASE PLEASE PUT ROBIN IN THE NEXT MOVIE. I can't take the "BAT-VOICE" Bale's created. If I were a Gotham supervillain and Batman showed up, I'd be all "Dude, have a cough drop." So let's have a new Batman and a new Robin and a new villain, since I doubt anyone's gonna want to try the Joker again anytime soon. (Pity. I really wanted a Harley Quinn movie.)f
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