Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yesterday's clogged drain wasn't enough gross for the week.

I think something may have died in one of my walls. I can smell something nasty and rotting, and the scent is only in my room. (Of course!) It is so nasty, landfill garbage stench to the max! It just started yesterday, completely random. It wasn't so bad this morning, but of course the weather is currently at 100+ degrees so that is making the dead thing, wherever it is, putrefy at an exceptional rate. I moved furniture and boxes all morning - just in case this disgusting ickiness was actually in my room - but nothing. Plus the scent doesn't seem to be any stronger in any particular area of my room. So the dead thing must be in the walls or possibly overhead; Dad put a mousetrap in the crawl space above my room a few weeks ago. Maybe he finally caught something.


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