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Boku wa Malek!

Errr...I mean...Anata wa Malek. If I was Malek, we'd have some real issues going down. Anywho, today was my first Saturday class. (I sound like such a bad girl. I'm in college, and I chose to have a Saturday class. Six days of school, dude. Eeerk.) The subject is Macro Economics, and the teacher is Mr. Malek, my hardbum Bible teacher from freshmen year at VC. Malek, who back in high school (in the old days when I was a teeny freshmen the first time) looked like a Backstreet Boy (my friend Rhea *insisted* he looked like Howie Durough)now has a completely shaved head, no goatee, and so many screws in his body he's probably magnetic. (Long story.) I think the short of it is, Malek-dude got old.
Don't get me wrong. Malek-dude was my favorite teacher freshman year, and one of my favorites throughout high school. He was the guy who turned me from my troubled path and opened my eyes to the world outside the crazy haze of crack and marijuana and meth and wild orgies and...okay, maybe not. :P He gave some good advice, tho', without which I prob'ley would never have gotten into student government and JSA and all that public speaking junk. Sou da na...very important dude, yup.

Anyway, so Economics is fun. Me likes. We get to debate the different issues while *basically* going over the same terminology we learned the second half of senior year. And Malek's a really good teacher so it should be good.

I also got pearl tea today, whoo-hoo. That makes two days in a row I've been sucking balls. (Oh, Kitty's boyfriend would have a field day with that comment. My Butler's going to, I bet.) Lychee pearl tea at Q-Cup yesterday and Mocha pearl tea at Fantasia today. W00t. (What the hell is 'w00t' anyway? I think I saw it in Megatokyo, or Bellychan used it, or something, and now I'm using it and I haven't a clue what it means.)

Later gators.

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