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Ramblings on political junk and age

Last night Mom and I were talking about Obama and how enthusiastic I am about him. While she believes he's a better choice than Palin/McCain and will vote for him in November, she doesn't support Obama. She's just voting against the Republican nominee. But she's amazed at how many people my age are just energized by him.

I know some of it is probably Obama's "hip factor" - let's face it, a presidential candidate who has a "Runway for Change" and a very strong web presence - a man whose campaign text-messaged the announcement of Joe Biden as Veep is going to resonate with the youth of America. Obama is actively reaching out for the young vote. More accurately, to the best of my knowledge he is the first candidate to effectively do so. I hate to use the term "paradigm shift" because it sounds so pretentious, but Obama's campaign does go far beyond what I would normally think of as a mere "generation" shift. But maybe the reason the generational shift from McCain to Obama seems so much greater than usual is because there is a generation skipped in the middle. McCain represents the moldy oldies - the Silent Generation - while Obama's the fresh-faced Generation X. But the folks in the middle, the age group that the candidates for 2000 and 2004 were drawn from - the Baby Boomers - were shut out of the President's spot this time.. It's strange to think of Baby Boomers as a "moderating" factor, but the two extremes of age have made the campaign much more volatile.

Anyway. Obama's cool because he represents the new generation. He threatens Silent Generation that they've become obsolete, and the Baby Boomers with their own aging mortality. Generation X like him because he's one of their own; Generation Y and the Millennial can identify and communicate with him in a way that most politicians in Washington have yet to demonstrate they're capable of doing.


Anywho, Obama released a new ad. Folks are saying that at 2 minutes no one will watch it; is two minutes truly too long?


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