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Nami ni tadayou

Aka kiro himawaru daidai gonju ajisai
Sorry I haven't written in such a very long time. I made a promise that when I wrote my next entry I would not b*tch in it. As it would turn out, this was a very difficult promise to keep. Complaining appears a very integral part of my communication.
Aka kiro himawaru daidai gonju ajisai
So I finally got a job, hooray! I am now your happy service girl at a local bakery. Want a danish? How about a dozen cookies? Samchan has them for you! Seriously, though, it's a great little job. I only work a few hours early in the morning, and earn money, and that's really all I wanted from a job anyway. ^_^ Nice and easy!
Nami ni Tadayou tsuki no hikari
Mom is still wondering why I don't have a boyfriend. Last week, my friend Kitty and her boyfriend Tyler and Bandaid and her boyfriend Christian and a bunch of other kids were all at Bandaid's birthday party. (I was there too, if you didn't catch that.) When I got home, Mom didn't ask how Bandaid was or what happened at the party, but "So, don't they [Kitty & Bandaid] have friends they could introduce you to?"
konsui no naka tsuki no hikari
"Yes! I've met tons of Kitty's friends. She wasn't some loser at Oak Grove, y'know, Mummy."
"No, I mean male friends."
"..." Me go splat on ground now.
I have a new theme song, and it goes:
oyogu hitori kurai umi wo
Nami ni Tadayou tsuki no hikari
konsui no naka tsuki no hikari
hashiru hitori kurai sorawo
anata ni aeru nara

My theme song has nothing to do with this entry, but it's my theme song.
Aka kiro himawaru daidai gonju ajisai

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