Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ugh, I am so old.

Well, it's 8pm and I'm all caught up on my homework, at least to the extent that I am able to do my homework from the Rinconada Hills computer. I'm hugely relieved that I completed my Wizard of Oz paper. I have to start another paper tomorrow deconstructing a poem (I haven't had a chance to pick the poem yet since Rinconada's computer crashes everytime I try to load the teacher's .pdf file.) but that only has to be two pages, so I think it'll be much easier. I might actually have some free time this weekend; what a novel idea!

It's only two more weeks until Rinconada Hills ends my weekday shifts. No more working Tuesday and Thursday nights here, and I will only work alternating Sundays now. Huzzah! The tradeoff will be that I will have less money to spend, but if I get desperate I can pick up more hours at Lush.

(Speaking of Lush, we got the new Halloween products in. VERY EXCITING. Actually, the scents don't impress me too much, but the Magic Bath Bomb is a beautiful shade of blue and is supposed to be awesome in the tub!)

It's weird. I spent so many years dicking around in school that it feels strange to be truly motivated. But every time I look around and realize how much older I am than the majority of my classmates, I suddenly feel 100% energized to work hard and get on with transferring. (I am so relieved that I don't seem to look as old as I am; people are always surprised that I'm over 21, let alone my actual age. Whew.)

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