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A craptacular entry too early in the morning...

Wow, it's been so long since I logged in. Merp.

Fun Conversation of the Day:
Kitty: “...Winchester Mystery House flashlight tour, what do you think, Tomo?” (Tomo is her boyfriend.) “You too, Bandaid. James wants the six of us to go. Oh, Sam too, if Sam gets a date.”
Tomo: “So why don’t you have a boyfriend, Sam?”
Kitty: “Sam doesn’t like guys.”
Tomo: “You mean Sam is a LESBI-“ Everyone else in the car is giggling.
Sam: “No, I don’t like girls, either. I don’t like anyone.”
Bandaid: “Sam’s standards are very high.”
Kitty: “Very very high.”
Sam: “...” I don’t have high standards. “It’s very simple. The guy has to be better than me. Since I’m an egomaniac and darn near perfect in just about everything, I guess that could be a bit difficult.”
Tomo: “Well, judging from what I’ve seen, you’d better lower those standards! If no one is meeting your standards, it means they’re too high.”
Sam: But there are people who meet my standards just’s not my fault they aren’t interested.
Seriously, though, what is it with people these days? Every time I turn around someone’s saying, “Sam, haven’t you found a boyfriend yet?” Irk. No. Stop asking, Mom, Best Friend, Auntie #1-5. Anyone wonder why I prefer to hang with Kris to anyone else right now? She never, ever, ever pops that question. Also, she has a cool car named Kiki and can drive places; not to mention she's better than me at DDR. But yeah.
Like I said/thought, it isn’t as if the people who meet my standards don’t exist. (I’m not even talking about Plushenko-sama at the moment, but real pokeable flesh-and-blood kiddies that I see in real fleckin’ life.) But I either am not interesting enough to them, or I get bored. Like this one guy last year. Nice enough dude, and he passed the various intelligence and aptitude tests. But oh! He was very tedious to be around. He started out interesting, but always wanted to have deep, meaningful conversations when I wanted to bounce off the walls and play. And whenever I felt like being serious, he usually was in “woe-is-me,-Hamlet-style” mode. I couldn’t stand just being his friend! - and he had indicated that he thought dating wouldn’t be such a bad idea. So I broke off communication and who knows where he is now...probably at some four-year university on the East Coast. Whatever. He was dull, dreadfully dull in the end.
Now that I think about it, I get bored with people very quickly. (Which is pretty pathetic, inasmuch as I'm not horribly interesting myself.) Kitty has wondered why I don't like hanging out with her "new" friends. (She stopped hanging out with her old crowd of friends earlier this summer and now hangs out with a bunch of completely different kids.) Sorry, Kitty, really, but these guys are boring. Don't ask me why - I don't know. They just don't hold my interest. It' is sort of like being in Leadership, I think. In that class, most of the kids were boring. They were mostly nice, but so predictable. I prefer people who are surprising, I guess. Spontaneous.
Some of my other friends at school, none of which I've bothered to keep in contact with this summer, had this problem, too. The phrase "good in small doses" comes to mind. Michi was like that - she got annoying after long exposures because she'd get 'stuck' on a topic and become repetitive. Heidi had that problem sometimes, too. They're nice and I enjoy hanging out with them, but not for too long. I think part of it might be that I spend too much time having long, involved conversations with myself, so that I don't cherish human companionship the way I should. Oh well.
The point is, stop asking about boyfriends already! A watched pot never boils, and Sam's never gonna get a guy if people keep poking about it.

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