Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Blah homework blah.

Three essays were due in the next week.

Thankfully, Sherwin moved the essay for Asian American Lit back a week, so it won't be due 'til the 17th. This is excellent because I'm still not 100% sure what he wants us to write about. This was the question he sent in an e-mail earlier this week:
How do unresolved conflicts in the US play out in Dream Jungle, a novel
set primarily in the mid-1970s in the Philippines? Pay particular
attention to conflicts around class, gender, mixed heritages, and
sexuality, and how these conflicts affect the way the novel is written.

OK, fine. I was a little confused (unresolved conflicts in the US in the 1970s? Unresolved conflicts now? Does he want a specific historical movement or something broader and more general?) so I asked him to clarify on Wednesday, but that did not help at all. From the way he described the essay yesterday, I think he wants us to take a scene from the novel Dream Jungle and describe it, which is a completely different assignment! I don't know. One minute he was telling us to take a scene, and break down the power relationships in it in this complicated little chart he was drawing on the white board, and then suddenly he was saying that he wanted us to look beyond stereotypes and really dig deep into the richness of Filipino culture, and suddenly China came up but I'm not sure what the context was because China hasn't made an appearance in Dream Jungle at all. So confused.
I think I'll just write about whatever the heck I want and run with it.

Second essay, which I just finished, was just an expose on how retail companies manipulate shoppers to maximize spending dollars. Write what you know, right? Due at 7:40 tomorrow AM.

At 11:55pm tomorrow I have to turn in a paper utilizing Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Oedipus Rex. I think I'm going to do something easy, like hubris led to the downfall of both Oedipus and Milkman. Of course, I don't even know if Milkman has a 'downfall' since I haven't finished the book, but Delaney said we can predict what we think will happen so as far as I'm concerned, that's a free license to make stuff up. I am rolling straight 88s on essays in his class, so I gotta put a little extra oomph! into this essay and push it into A territory. If Suzi don't get some A's this quarter, Suzi don't get to transfer to SJSU.

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