Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Suck it up, buttercup!

There is little worse than having a meeting with your teacher outside of class to discuss a paper when you have absolutely nothing to say about the paper. The awkward meeting with my Asian American Lit teacher went something like this:

Sherwin: So did any of the characters stand out to you?
Uh, no.

Sherwin: Did any of the relationships seem significant?

Sherwin: Did you read the book?
Me: Yes. It's definitely not in my top 10.

Sherwin proceeds to tell me the history of the Philippines and America, which is good because I really wasn't clear on the details. I kept asking lots of questions that were kinda-OT to keep the conversation going, like "So you mention that a lot of Filipino women leave their families and go to big cities like Manila to work as domestic servants. In rural China a lot of women leave their families to work in factories. Does manufacturing play a similar role in the Philippines, too?" ANYTHING TO KEEP THE CONVERSATION OFF OF DREAM JUNGLE. Seriously, I was trying everything to keep the topic off the paper. I tried to get him to talk teaching, since frankly he seems scared of his students. He doesn't make eye contact during lectures at all. In fact, when we were sitting in his office he was looking at the wall or at the desk, not at me. It was very disconcerting. But he wouldn't talk about teaching much, except that teaching community college is different from teaching at the university level. I pointed out that some people might think the students took advantage of him because he changed the due dates so easily and was so laid back, but he said that was fine. Really weird. Then he turned things back to the paper (argh) so I didn't escape that fate.

He made it seem like these student-teacher meetings were mandatory in class, so I signed up like I was supposed to. But man, I feel like I was wasting his time because I don't really want to talk about Dream Jungle or think about Dream Jungle or write a paper about Dream Jungle.

Oh well. I just gotta get through this quarter and next quarter and I am outta DeAnza.

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