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Deliciously Plush

On Saturday I went to Champions on Ice, which is an exhibition tour of most of the medal-winning figure skaters this past year. Many amazing skaters, including household names like Sarah Hughes and Michelle Kwan, are on this tour. But, most importantly, EVGENI "SEXY-HOT-GENERALLY-WONDERFUL" PLUSHENKO is on this tour, and I got to see him real*live*in*person!!! **drooooooools**
Alright, requisite fangirling is out of the way. I didn't get that real*live*in*person, anyway. The show was great. Kris, who I went with, was my polar opposite when it came to the programs, tho'. She liked the funny programs, such as these two ice-acrobats who were dressed in Swan Lake drag and doing various stunts. (They weren't even skating -_-!) I prefer the more serious programs, such as Yagudin's "Winter" and Michelle Kwan's "Fields of Gold," both of which were gorgeous. (For the record, Yagudin has now got a buzz cut. Darn. He's my backup Russian, y'know. Even though when he talks, he sounds like a computer. Really.) And, of course, Plushenko's "Carmen."
Let's talk about "Carmen." Oh, it was bad. Plushy had good speed, (and, of course, he was gorgeous ^_~) but I think his knee injury was acting up, because his landings were terrible. He didn't ever manage to fall, but he couldn't land cleanly, either. Two feet down, an extra half spin, etc. etc. Ouch. Also, I noticed for the first time just how much arm flailing that particular program's choreography calls for. Ooch.
Other skaters: Irina Slutskaya's was one of the best, because she has so much energy. (She didn't have her cowboy hat, tho'.) But even she seemed subdued during the show. Darn.
Kazakova & Dmitriev's Matrix was gorgeous. Kris didn't like it, but what can I say? They had good synergy. (Ooo! Silicon Valley buzzword!) I don't know - the program has a lot of critics, but I think it looks good.
Candelero - I don't ever want to see another Phillipe strip show. Ever.
Petrenko - Don't ever let the dogs out again. Ever. He's a great skater, but this program was a joke. Plus, it went on about five minutes longer than it needed to.
Rudy Galindo - He's a hometown boy and can do no wrong. Wish he was allowed to do a different program than his "Village People" medley. It's five or six years old now.
Dan Hollander - One of those skaters who is more of a success now then he ever was when he competed professionally. His Cartman costume is hilarious. But he, too, needs a new program.
Randomness: Our location didn't get Sarah Hughes or Johnny Weir skating for us. Instead, we got somone-MacDonagh (I think...^^;) who is the reigning Ladie's Junior Champion, and Fumie Suguri (can't remember her last name) who is better than Sarah Hughes anyday. She's Japanese, and was the Ladie's 2002 Worlds Bronze Medalist.
In closing: I'm always finding pictures of Plushenko being his gorgeous self. But man, this tour is really getting to him. Here are two very unflattering photos of him, one in San Diego last week (Ooo, baby, that's bad...someone needs some sleep!) and one in Houston, Texas, in June.

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