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Who is the mystery artist haunting Sam's entry?

If it's just that you're weak, can we talk about it? It's getting so damn creepy just nursing this ghost of a chance - the fiction, the romance and the technicolor dreams of black and white people.

Why not to study Japanese with Otoko #Ichi: Karada no gurisu wo onegai shimasu. Taihen ii desu. Nemuri suki desu ka? Ore to? Arigatou. It doesn't make sense, but it was fun trying to twist everything into something dirty. We also tried to make a rap about an otokogirai who was secretly otokogurui and an otokorashii yoiotoko who was otokoippiki and exceptionally otokoburi, to boot. To top things off, he was otokozakari, too, and had his hair done otokomusubi. The otokogirai was wanted for the crime of otokogoroshi on a ameotoko who scared her. We didn't get too far, tho'.

You seem colder now - torn apart, angry, turned around - will that whole mad season knock you down? So are you gonna stand there? Are you gonna help me out? You need to be together now. I need you now.

Samchan is currently bugging her best friend's ex-best boy friend to do a bit of minor stalking for her. After all, isn't that what ex-best boy friends of your best friend are for? ^_^ He said he would, but according to my best friend he is capricious and petty so I shouldn't get my hopes up. I dunno - he's always been nice to me. I think Kitty's just a wee bit bitter.

While you were sleeping, I was listening to the radio and wondering what you're dreaming when it came to mind that I didn't care. And I thought, hell, if it's over, I had better end it quick or I could lose all my nerve - are you listening? Can you hear me?

I keep wondering if I want advice and then if it was given would I take it anyway? And if I do want advice, what for? I just keep talking and talking and it doesn't make sense but people sympathize anyway. And I don't think 'sympathize' is the correct spelling, anyway.
If I fall along the way, pick me up and dust me off. And if I get too tired to make it, be my breath so I can walk.
Want to see some Samchan art? Of course you do. Let's about a pretty fairy this time? Admire the way I blend photo and drawing...yeah, it doesn't look great. But it was done without a computer, with a pair of scissors and a Sierra magazine. Yippee.
All the times I've given in you fit me like a second skin, and one by one I will begin to wear you on the days I'm feeling thin. You'd better stop - stop - stop using me up.
I wonder what kind of disillusioned freak you have to be to listen to music like X Japan and Luna Sea and Malice Mizer. I don't think normal people like them very much. I tried them out on Right-on Boy, and he said "Oh! They're great!" but I don't think he actually listened to them.
Take your head around the world. See what you get from your mind. Write your soul down word for word. See who's your friend, who is kind; it's almost like a disease. I know soon you will be over the lies, you'll be strong. You'll be rich in love and you will carry on. But no...oh, you won't be mine.

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