Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Winter Break is gonna be really quiet.

Well, one nice thing about the winter break is I'm going to have a chance to catch up on my book reviews. I had about twenty books lying around that were read but not yet written up.

On the other hand, updating daily blows. I love reading books, but writing about them isn't always so great. When I like something about a book, I have to be able to explain why, and translating my vague impressions into words doesn't always flow. If I don't like a book - and there's two stinkers that I just want to RIP into because they are AWFUL - I can be ruthless and shred it to bits. See Tan Lines. But if it's an author I've interacted with personally, I feel a lot more guilty about being mean. So then I either make neutral statements or just avoid reviewing the book, and it just sits there and makes me feel guiltier still.

Oh well.

At least I'm not working much. I mean, from a financial standpoint that is BAD news because there is not gonna be enough in my checking account to pay off my credit card this month, but I do like having the free time to pursue other interests that have been cast aside for weeks and months and years.
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