Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Some Senators are cooler than others...

Sen. Dianne Feinstein officially gets bonus points and a cup of hot cocoa for answering my e-mail about the auto industry bailout. (It was a short, three sentence note along the lines of "Please don't. They suck. I don't want to foot the bill.) Not only did she respond to the initial e-mail, she sent a follow-up message today saying that yes, she did vote in favor of a motion to bail out back on December 11th because she fears the snowball effect of losing the car industry would be bad for the economy, but it did not pass anyway.

So why is this cool? Well, first of all Feinstein was the only person who responded to my original e-mail, and since I've always heard that lawmaker response rates are pretty low for e-mails that was pretty cool. (Shame on you Barbara Boxer and Zoe Lofgren for not responding. Especially you, Zoe. You don't have a whole state to answer to, just San Jose!) Also, even if it was just a form letter I thought it was pretty cool that Diane Feinstein sent the follow-up e-mail, too, talking about her decisions and the current progress of the auto industry's bailout/loan/whatever. It took her about ten seconds to add me to the 'car people' mailing list, and now I feel warm and fuzzy, like my opinion actually matters.

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