Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'll be at DeAnza even longer than I thought.

First day of the new quarter is down. I'm excited to continue pushing forward academically, even though the bad news from San Jose State is that I can't even apply for transfer because they've closed off all applications for Fall 2009 already. No other CSU has done this, just SJSU. I guess it's just that popular.

I may end up applying to San Francisco State. They haven't closed up like SJSU. But if I go there, I'll have to move. I mean, luckily I can move in with my grandmother so I wouldn't have to pay rent, but I'd have to find a new job and it'd be a hassle, really. So I'll probably opt to stay in San Jose and spend an extra semester in DeAnza. I'm running out of transferable GE and major-related classes to take, tho'.

History of Art II should be interesting. The teacher just returned from sabbatical so she's super-pumped for the quarter. That can only be good news, right?

Phys. Anthropology teacher seems nice. For some reason, I thought I had a woman teaching this class so I was totally confused by the dude behind the lectern. I could barely stay awake as he went over the syllabus, though; I sense trouble brewing for the afternoon time slot.
He did promise us lots of movies, though. That's always good.

I'm not digging my Accounting teacher because she's new. I know that's unfair, but generally the new teachers waste a lot of time learning classroom protocol through trial and error. Every teacher has to do this rite of passage, but it's so awkward to be in that class. For example, she thought it would be too hard to call roll from the front of the classroom, so she went to each student individually and asked what their name was and then checked them off. It took nearly half an hour, especially since late students were filing in nonstop. Roll Call should never take more than ten minutes of class time on the first day! She also gave bad advice re: the textbook. In order to "lighten student weight loads" DeAnza has thoughtfully taken our huge Accounting Principles textbook and divided it into three sections, but it's really a grab for more student money if you ask me. The three sections aren't separately bound books, but loose pages that need to be put into a binder. So the publisher saves a ton of money on binding costs. These loose sections also can't be sold back to the bookstore, and it isn't an acknowledged product on, so the publishers make even more because they aren't undercut by used book sales. Each section of the book costs $60, so if you are only taking Accounting 1A you do save money. But if you plan to complete the Accounting sequence - 1A, 1B and 1C - you end up spending $180. Since most transfer students in business have to complete the sequence, they'll spend that amount. So they aren't saving a dime over the regular hardcover textbook, a fact my teacher refuses to believe.

We also have to buy something called a Wiley Code, which comes with the 1A pages but otherwise costs $71.95. (Lame.) So it almost seemed worthwhile to subscribe to DeAnza's silly flimsy "textbook" to get the Wiley access code. But I found a coupon on-line that gave me 20% off the code's price, and a nearly new copy of the hardcover book for $68.99. So yes, I do initially pay out more for the class - about $125 - but over the next year the other students will have to continue buying $60 textbook-page packs, and I will already have the material. Plus, I can sell my Accounting textbook and make back at LEAST $40.

I win.
And I admit, I feel lame for being so obsessed with proving my teacher wrong. But dude, my way is so much cheaper in the long run.
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