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So I had this crazy wackjob teacher for Accounting. I talked about her a little here, but never bothered to get into her complete ineptitude.
To quickly summarize, in our second day of class, the most basic entry-level accounting course, we spent 15 minutes watching poorly-produced Youtube videos of random people singing songs about accounting to Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" amongst other classics. The only one laughing was the teacher, because
1/ We didn't get the jokes or what the hell they people in the video were singing about
2/ Audio quality was so bad we couldn't hear most of it clearly anyway
After this fine time management, "Cimmer" (the porn star name by which my teacher wishes to be called) wanted to go to the SEC website and and show us an example of a big company's year-end balance sheet. Fine and dandy, but I guess she didn't think to try the website before class, so it took her another TWENTY minutes to figure out how to utilize the site's search engine. She then spent the next FORTY minutes pointing out the highlights from the balance sheet.
This may not sound bad, but let me point out that this is THE VERY FIRST LECTURE. We don't know what a balance sheet is. We don't know the difference between Notes Payable and Accounts Payable; hell, we don't know the difference between Assets and Owner's Equity. Telling us the minutae of Akeena Solar's stock options is just DAMN CONFUSING, not to mention irrelevant. Corporate balance sheets aren't even tackled until the second- or third-level accounting class.
Finally, with barely twenty minutes left in the class Cimmer rushes through the Powerpoint lesson, prepared by another teacher and used by Cimmer because she doesn't have her own lesson plans. Near as one can tell, she got her entire curriculum from another instructor and had never bothered to crack open the textbook or lecture slides until that night.

Because she sped through the actual lesson, making comments like "Oh, I already talked about that" and "Oh, no one REALLY does this in a corporate setting" as well as the ever-popular "Oh, I don't want to teach that now," I think everyone left the class absolutely baffled. If I hadn't taken some accounting at West Valley two years ago, I would have been completely lost.
Monday night rolled around and about ten empty seats appeared in a class that had been overflowing the first night. Cimmer had apparently changed the syllabus and calender over the weekend. Attendence, ironically, was added as a factor in our grading. She did not, however, remove this RIDICULOUS requirement: at some point in the quarter everyone in the class has to write a SONG bout one of the accounting book's chapters AND PERFORM IT IN FRONT OF THE CLASS.
Excuse the language, but FUCK THAT SHIT.
It took Cimmer fifteen minutes to go over all the changes and clarifications, when she could have just told everyone to read the damn syllabus at home. She then spent the rest of the two-hour course going over the homework, because no one had understood how to do it from the previous "lecture".
As Cimmer was fussing over the syllabus, Chuck (my classmate and FREAKIN' AWESOME as you will soon see) snuck out to see if there was room for us in any other classes. Chuck came back after a while and announced one of the on-line classes had room for us, and I was so excited I almost ran out of class right then and there to escape Cimmer. But I stayed, because if I couldn't get out of Cimmer's class I'd need any notes I could get.

This morning Chuck called my phone as I was running to Art History and reminded me to get the add code, so we could take the on-line class. Thank goodness she called - I got the VERY LAST add code available! So I've dropped Cimmer (that was the most satisfying thing I've done all year, seriously...) and I'll be taking Accounting from someone called Gough. I don't care. I'd take it from ANYBODY as long as I could get away from Cimmer's particular brand of valley-girl cheerleader crazy!

But I have to confess, staying in Cimmer's class would have provided comedic gold to write about. I will miss that opportunity. But man. I am so glad to be OUT OF THERE.

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