Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New Accounting teacher seems cool...

Mr. Gough, my new accounting teacher, seems cool. Since the class I'm taking from him is on-line I'll never actually see him unless I go to on-campus reviews, but his profile makes him seem like a funny guy. I think I should be able to catch up pretty quickly, which is good.

My Art History teacher Lizzie is a bit airy-fairy...the first ten-twenty minutes of class tend to be a rehash of the previous lesson, so I feel like we're moving quite slowly. Tomorrow will be eight days of class, and we've studied less than ten works of art. It just seems like a snail's pace to me. However, the fact that Lizzie has little patience with stupid questions and will call a student out when they've been lazy is just great. For example, some kid was yawning enthusiastically and raised his arm as she asked a question, so she called on him. First she had to repeat the question because he hadn't heard it, and then when he couldn't answer she made fun of him a little bit. Sorry, I guess that's mean, but I think it's hilarious. Kid shoulda been prepared...she's not been a demanding teacher in any way.
I'm not crazy about the fact that we're starting with the Italian Renaissance and then backtracking to medieval art before progressing through the rest of the Renaissance. It just seems a little more convoluted than necessary. She has to explain the background on certain art traditions that would not have been needed if we had already covered the material. But she knows what she's doing.

Anthropology continues to be a challenging class. I respect my teacher because he actually challenges the class and expects us to keep up with college-level material. Oh, the novelty. Each lecture requires copious notes, and the readings aren't easy...but he's a merciful guy. Exams are closed-book but open-note.

Statistics is probably going to kick my butt. I'm enjoying it so far, but the fact is simple: Statistics is a math class. Historically, I don't like math classes. If I'm enjoying it right now, it's like the calm before the storm. A trick to catch me off the guard. Probability is just waiting to come and smack me upside the head.
Teacher's funny, though. I mean, his jokes are corny but cute. I think that the best math teachers are well aware that most of the students only take the class because they have to, and try to liven up the discussion with little stories and amusing asides to break up the monotony. Professor Ky definitely does this well.

I think my most difficult class will be History of Asian Art. I don't know much about Asian history, and the textbook is quite dry. I guess the real challenge will be the next two weeks, since I'm missing the lecture this Saturday and the following class is an exam. I'll have to study hard and hope for the best, I guess.

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