Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I think I found a new favorite word down towards the end.

I hear there's some sort of sports-thing today. My boyfriend's family is having a party for it. I have been studying Accounting and Asian Art (weird combination) with a little bit of Anthropology thrown in for good measure.

So I got my new phone today - Verizon EnV2. It had a mini-keyboard and that's all I really wanted in my phone. All the 'net access and mp3s are wasted on me 'cuz I won't be using those features.

Electronically, it's been a new week. I got a new laptop - new as in new for me, it's my dad's old one - and it's just precious. I have no idea what model it is, and I'm too lazy to sprint upstairs to find out, but it's small about six years old and about 6" x 11"? Pretty small. 1" thick, maybe. So just like that, bam! better phone! bam! a laptop! Now I just need to bam! myself up a new scanner and I will be pretty darn happy.

(Or maybe Sean could figure out how to make my old scanner work again. That would be even better, because bam! no spending money.)


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