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The incredibly sexy, terribly gorgeous, wonderful

Davy (IMing from Europe, where he is currently lost or something): Hey Sam, you know about, right?
Me: Yaaaaaah...
Davy: So, put a photo up?
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
Davy: Because.
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
Davy: Because.
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
Davy: Because.
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
Davy: Because.
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
Davy: Because.
Me: Whhhhhhhy?
You get the idea.
So eventually I put my photo up; he's got one up there too. How embarrassing. I have a dismally low score. I must be horrendously ugly. My face must be like Medusa's - I probably turn to things stone when I look at 'em. No wonder I can't get a boyfriend and the love of my life never calls! No wonder Plushenko hasn't shown up at my doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a box of swiss chocolates and-
Yah. So I'm not a gorgeous knockout. But we knew that already. ^_~ I like the site; it's entertaining. Besides, as hotornot likes to remind me every time I log on "You are hotter than 40% of women on this site!" Oh, now that's reassuring. -_-; What is really irksome is Davy's currently got a 9.8 and likes to remind me everytime he's on-line. Jerk! What is it with those English? I think there's something in the water over on that little island... Anyway, my friend Kitty suggested using a "more feminine" photo so maybe I'll try that after this one gets boring. (Kitty, by the way, rated me an 8. What a loyal friend. She also said she and Bandaid admired my model-like body. **snort** She's talking about the Boobless Wonder, here. ^_~)
Well, I've got to go back to rating people. It's an obsession, dude, and takes my mind off of other things, like the fact that I'm so ugly I make flowers wilt when I look at them and babies cry and dogs howl...^_~

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