Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Coraline, rhymes with valentine


Seriously, that film was gorgeous. I cannot believe the attention to detail that went into the film (even after watching the 'making of' trailers from the website) especially in a scene where Coraline is walking through the Other House and the wallpaper peels off the wall behind her. It was just so cool looking! (It must have been a pain to animate, too.)

The voices really impressed me. Specifically, I loved The Other Mother's voice because even as her body twists into a creepy spider Black Widow nightmare, her voice keeps that sickly-sweet Mommie-Dearest-Just-Baked-You-Cookies sound that is a hundred times creepier than if her voice had gotten really raspy or shrieky. I was also utterly delighted by the inclusion of They Might Be Giants.

Also, button eyes are so creepy.

I wonder how many people in the theatre knew what to do about JERKWAD!!
Tags: animation, movies, neil gaiman, stop-motion animation

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