Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I think the midterms fried my brain.

I'm just feeling so relieved because the last two-three weeks have been consumed by midterms. It was unusual in that one class had two midterms in a three week period, and the other had a midterm delayed an extra week because our teacher talks too much during his lectures. (He's a great teacher, though. I love his class.) So it seemed like every two-three days there was another big test! But now I have a week and a half until my next exam, so I can relax. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

My last exam, which I finished just about an hour ago, was in Anthropology. It's the third science class I've taken after Astronomy and Geology. I've tried taking Biology and I just can't get into it. Cells and DNA and whatever just scramble in my head. I'm like, too skeptical for science when it reaches that level. (Or ignorant, if you prefer.) I mean, yeah, a scientist SAYS that my body is made up of DNA and probably I believe it. But how do I know, really? I'm trusting that scientist's authority because he's a scientist, not because I have personally seen my DNA. It's rather like trusting a priest who says God is there because he worked X miracles during the speaker's life. I'm trusting that priest's authority. I didn't see the miracles. But I wasn't there, so how can I dispute the results? I don't have the fancy microscopes and machines necessary to dispute the existence of DNA, so I have to take it on faith that it works the way the scientist says.

When some scientist holds up some tiny fragment of bone and claims it is the pelvis of an ancient whale, now long extinct, that proves that the whale once had limbs, I have to just accept that too. Because he's a scientist, and he can prove this from that ONE TINY BONE. (Apparently this is a popular bone of contention (ha!) for Creationists. I didn't know that. It just happens to be fresh on my mind because we watched a documentary about it in class. Anyway.) Maybe they actually have fairly complete skeletons by now, I don't know. But still. I don't know a thing about whale anatomy, modern or ancient. If the guy on the TV says it's a whale pelvis, I just to put my faith in his research, and believe that he isn't playing a massive prank with a crocodile pelvis, because I'm not about to become an expert in fossils.

What's my point? I certainly don't have one! I just don't have the ability to "commit" to scientific explanations, I guess. Scientists A and B and C might say "This is so" based on evidence XYZ, but I just can't take it any more seriously than those guys who are positive the world will end on December 21, 2012. Science is like its own religion or something, and I don't want in!

Like this anthropology class I'm taking with Mr. Awesome Teacher. It's alright. But it's entertaining. He'll talk about genetic links between humans and chimps and I'll be like "Yeah, OK, sure." But he could also be saying that humans and chimps are so similar because we're being raised as food products on some sort of alien factory farm and I'd have the same apathetic reaction. It's just an entertaining story, man. My brain can't make me take it seriously.

But whatever! Who cares! In the vastness of time and space one tiny human brain's refusal to accept evolution/science as 100% fact will make absolutely no difference, anyway.

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