Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Hating school again...

Sometimes I just hate the fact that I'm taking school seriously now. All I do is read textbooks, write papers and attempt to solve problems beyond my comprehension. (I hope I never need to even THINK about statistics after this quarter.)

It is interesting to try to trace back to the last time I really put this amount of work and effort into school. Maybe 5th grade? Definitely not middle school; I was terrible about doing my homework if my mom wasn't watching over my shoulder. High school was an endless cycle of doing the bare minimum to scrape by. College I didn't even try to do that! Just drop those classes when you got sick of 'em.
It really wasn't a good plan. Now that I have to bust hump, I lack the patience and get frustrated easily not because it's difficult, because I don't want to be bothered. If I understand the theory why should I have to do the work? (This is toxic thinking. Don't indulge it.) They say it takes ten years to master a new skill so in theory I will be an excellent student by the time I'm 33. (Because I'm never getting older than 23. It's inconvenient.)

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