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I don't make the monthly newsletter for the residents at Rinconada. In fact, I have absolutely nothing to do with the process; I don't print them, I don't deliver them, I don't even read them until the residents have already received them.

As far as I know, the newsletter is written up each month by the general manager. Since he only works 9-5, Monday through Friday, I never even see him. I met him very briefly when he was being interviewed for the position back in November/December for about two minutes. I have not spoken or seen to the man since, becaue our schedules are absolute opposites.

So WHY, knowing this, did one of the residents decide to spend the first hour of my shift yesterday outlining EVERY SINGLE GRAMMATICAL FLAW in the February and March newsletters? Yes, there were quite a few. Five or six on three pages. Apparently, he already complained to my boss (the office manager) about it, and she didn't care. (Why would she? It's just some silly newsletter that most of the residents don't read anyway, given how many of them STILL violate the rules each week.) He's too chicken to actually talk to the general manager about it in either verbal or written form.

SO WHY TELL ME? I don't live here, so I certainly don't care about the quality of the newsletter. I don't even see the general manager, so I can't relay the feedback to him, a fact that I pointed out and the complainer achknowledged multiple times. True conversation:

Resident: I never see G- M- around. I used to always see the previous general manager around, but not this new guy.
Me: Yeah. I haven't seen him since he BEFORE HE WAS HIRED.
Resident: Why would you? He doesn't work weekends.
Me: Yes. We do not ever see each other. I do not anticipate seeing him or speaking to him at any time in the forseeable future.
Resident: So look at this second page (proceeds to read it out loud very slowly, stopping to correct every error he finds.) blah blah blabbity blah
Me: Would you like me to leave him a message that some residents find his verbiage confusing?
Resident:'s just that someone should really edit this thing.
Me: We do have volunteer forms hanging on the wall behind you. I'm sure G* M* would appreciate the help.

That was a beautiful hour of my life that I will never get back.

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