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11 March 2009 @ 12:52 pm
Lip Service Wish List  
Would be wanted in sizes XS or S

Quoth the Raven Long Dress - either color
Quoth the Raven Girl's Pants - either color
Quoth the Raven Long Skirt - either color
Quoth the Raven Short Dress - either color
Quoth the Raven Coat - either color
Quoth the Raven Corset Top - either color
A State of Constriction II Long Skirt
Webutante Off-the-Shoulder Long Dress

In Memory of Disintegrated Lace Short Dress - red
In Memory of Disintegrated Lace Pants - all colors
Hounds of Bastardville Long Pants - all colors (S or M)
On the Fringe Corset Top - red
On the Fringe Long Dress - red, nude
Psycho Circus Capris - Yellow
Psycho Circus Long Pants - All colors
Psycho Circus Jacket - Grey, Yellow
Flight Simulator Bustier - Burgandy
Dizzy Disco Shoulder-Tie Top - Teal
Rosary's Garden Long Dress - black
Rosary's Garden Long-Sleeve Top - black
Rosary's Garden Sleeveless Top - black
Rosary's Garden Long Skirt - black
From Dusk 'Til Dawn Corset Top - blue
From Dustk 'Til Dawn Short Dress/Tunic Top - any color
Sgt. Pepper's Paisley Long Coat - any color, but especially blue
Sgt. Pepper's Paisley Pants - Camel, Blue
Sgt. Pepper's Paisley  Long Sleeve top - any color
Dangerous Liaisons Gown - blk/purple
Dangerous Liaisons Dress- blk/purple
Dangerous Liaisons Bustier Top- blk/purple
Dangerous Liaisons Sleeve Top - blk/purple

Stitch in Time Long Dress - red, pink
Stitch in Time Corset Top - red, pink
Bombs over Baghdad Jacket - red/black
Bombs over Baghdad Pants - red/black, green/black
Terror Knit Long Sleeve top - all colors
Terror Knit Long dress - all colors
Terror Knit Long Skirt - all colors
Terror Knit Sleeveless Top - all colors
Morbid Curiosity Long Sleeve Top - black
Morbid Curiosity Long Dress - all colors
(Spring) Fash-ist Fishnet Long Dress (Mandarin Collar) - red, pink
Punk & Disorderly Collared Shirt w/ Bondage Straps - purple plaid
Punk & Disorderly Short Dress - purple plaid, pink/green plaid
Thrill Kill Twill Pants w/ Zipper down the front
(Fall) Fash-ist Fishnet Long Sleeve Top w/ shoulder cut-outs - pink, black
(Fall) Fash-ist Fishnet Off-Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Top - all colors
Flowers of Evil Long Skirt - red
Flowers of Evil Long Dress - red

Electroslash Off-the-Shoulder top - black/white
2nd to the Last Whorehouse Long-Sleeve Top - pink, red
2nd to the Last Whorehouse Pencil Skirt - pink, red
Dark Legacy Long Gown - red, black/white
Dark Legacy Short Dress - any color
Dark Legacy Cape - red
Psycho Circus II Bustier Top - red, b&w
Psycho Circus II Long Pants - all colors
Hollywood Geisha Off-the-Shoulder Top - black, red

State of Constriction III High Collar Bustier
Belladonna's Boudoir Bell Sleeve Corset - all colors
Belladonna's Boudoir Corset Gown -all colors
Belladonna's Boudoir Corset - all colors
Dangerous Liasions II Madame Court dress - black
Dangerous Liasions II Strap Corset - black
Shadow of Love Corset Top - black, red
Shadow of Love Corset Gown - black
Shadow of Love Long Skirt - black, red

Institutionalized Bondage Stretch Twill Removeable Snap 'n' Lock Sleeves Jacket
Black Tales, White Lies 'What Comes Around Goes Around' Shirt - black/grey, black/red
Faded Reality 'The Shadow Knows' Coat - any color
Faded Reality 'Her Tragic Hour' Corset - any color
Faded Reality '11th Episode' Cincher - any color
Faded Reality 'the Tear Garden' Dress - black, sage
Tomorrow's Parties 'For whom none will go mourning' top - black/red
No Rest for the Wicked 'Darkest Desire' dress - red

Tease-O-Rama Singapore Sling Cincher - red
Tarts in Tartan Part of Sorrows Corset Skirt - any color
Tarts in Tartan Highland Goth Dress - green/blue, magenta
Tarts in Tartan Dark Cabaret Vest - red, green/blue, magenta
Tarts in Tartan Twist of Shadow Jacket - magenta
Fash-ist Fishnet 80s Lady Top - red, black
Blacklist Core (Spring) It's a Cinch Cincher - any color
Blacklist Core (Spring) Taught and True Bustier - any color
Fatal Fatigues "Just Defy" V Neck top - green
Fatal Fatigues Death Toll Bustier - any color
Blacklist Core (Fall) In the Days of the Comet Shirt - black, black/blood
Blacklist Core (Fall) Premonition Vest
Mary Had a Little Lamb Long Dress
Punk & Disorderly "Burning in the Water" Jacket - Blackwatch
RIP Waist Cincher - all colors
RIP "Pere Lachaise" Long Dress - black/white
RIP "Eternal Love" Top - all colors
Corporate Vampire  Coven High-Waist pencil Skirt - blood
Corporate Vampire Night Shift Dress - blood
Corporate Vampire The Devil Wears Blacklist Pants - any color
Exit to Eden Waist Cincher - black

Through the Looking Glass Short Sleeve Top - Blue, Black
Through the Looking Glass "Mad Tea Party" Long Dress - blue, black
Teacher Hit Me "Cutting Class" Corset - blue
Steam Machine "Tick Tock" Underbust Corset
Steam Machine "Steam This, Punk" Pencil Skirt
Blacklist Core Ruffle Corset - any color
Blacklist Core "Hooked On Blacklist" Shirt - black
Black n Blue Ballerina Pirouette Princess Top - black
Devil Dolls IV Pretty on the Inside Corset - Dusty rose
Devil Dolls IV When She Was Good Bodice - Dusty rose
Operation Replicant Scanning Capillary Dilation Top - Black/grey
Operation Replicant Scanning Empathy Test Mini Dress  - Black/pink
Desensitized Hook and Eye Jacket - black/neon green
Desensitized Hook and Eye Top - black/grey
Sophiesperenza on August 27th, 2013 08:29 am (UTC)
I have something you might still want...
Hi there! I'm in the process of selling a lot of "vintage" Lip Service/Heavy Red clothing, and while I was searching for a photo of one of the items I want to sell, I stumbled across your wishlist instead! I am selling the 2nd to the Last Little Whorehouse mid-length skirt in red/black in a size small. As I'm sure you already know, this skirt is TO DIE FOR. I only wore it once for a photo-shoot, so it is in like-new condition-- it's just been sitting in my closet for years. Please let me know if you're still interested in this skirt. I'm selling it for $50, and the cost of shipping will obviously depend on where you are located (something I failed to check on your profile before writing this lengthy comment...doh). I rarely use livejournal anymore, so the best way to reach me would be to email me at sophie.halton@gmail.com .

I hope to hear from you soon and hopefully make one of your Lippy dreams come true! :D
Sophiesperenza on August 27th, 2013 08:36 am (UTC)
Re: I have something you might still want...
O...m...f...g...so I just checked where you are located and um...I live in San Jose as well! How frickin' random is that?? LOL! So if you'd like to simply meet up and do an exchange (considering you're still interested in the aforementioned skirt), then you won't even have to pay for shipping! Yippeee!! :P