Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Debating whether to put my Coraline box on eBay... you think it would sell?
I personally think it would be good for $300 at least, which would be so handy right now. It'd really put a dent in my bills and maybe even give me a chance to be debt-free, if people wanted it. That would be really swell, especially since my spring tuition bill is coming up this month and I don't know where that money's coming from.
On the other hand, it somehow feels improper to sell it, because it was a hand-made gift, and besides that it's REALLY NEAT. So I feel like if I sell it, I'll have to donate at least half the proceeds to charity. Maybe the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, since Gaiman's so very affiliated with that group.
Or maybe just the local food bank, because their donations are WAY down for the year.

I don't know. Would it be a bad thing to try and sell this?

Tags: coraline, movies, neat stuff in the mail, stop-motion animation
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