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It fills your mind and sucks your toes.

songs that remind you of happiness: “girls just wanna have fun” by cyndi lauper, “digital love” by daft punk, “party night” from digi charat, “catch you catch me” from cardcaptor sakura

songs that remind you of summer: “surfin’ usa” by the beach boys...heck, anything by the beach boys; “kagayaku sora to kimi no koe” from ranma ½, “boom boom dollar” from dance dance revolution, “here’s to the night” by eve 6, “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer, “summer of ‘69” by bryan adams

songs that remind you of childhood: “kookaburra,” “baby beluga,” “puff the magic dragon,” virtually any tv theme song from the 80’s

songs that remind you of yourself: “lazybone” by shonen knife, “butterfly” from dance dance revolution (well, maybe not, but i love that song and i can’t think of another category for it), “dive into shine” by lastier

songs that remind you of love: "i for you” by luna sea, “equal romance” from ranma ½, “from this moment on” by shania twain, “eight days a week” by the beatles, “i knew i loved you” by savage garden

songs that remind you of jealousy: “silent jealousy” by x japan, “sadistic desire” by x japan, “words” by the monkees, “densetsu kami no na wa abraxas” from shoujo kakumei utena (instrumental)

songs that remind you of feeling lonely: "duvet” by boa, “help” by the beatles, “scarlet” from ayashi no ceres, the second ending theme from kamikaze kaitou jeanne (to till the end?), “lovefool” by the cardigans, “crash and burn” by savage garden

songs that remind you of rain: “rainy day man” from sailor moon, “while my guitar gently weeps” by the beatles, “iris” by the googoodolls (it just seems like the sort of song you’d write while watching the rain fall outside your window)

songs that remind you of the color blue: “moonlight sonata” by beethoven (technically that isn’t a song, i guess), “goin’ down” by the monkees, “mizu kagami” from fushigi yuugi

songs that remind you of city lights: "rosier” by luna sea

songs that remind you of loss: "if you sleep” by tal bachman, “cats in the cradle” by whoever wrote it ^^; , “anata” by l~arc~en~ciel (i have no idea what the song is actually about, since i’ve never found a translation.)

songs that's best to drive to: "ride on shooting star” by the pillows, “escapar” by enrique inglesias, “rusty nail” and “scars” by x japan, “you spin me right round” by dead or alive

songs that's best to listen to at night driving: “joker” by x japan, “zettai unmei mokushiroku” from shoujo kakumei utena

songs that reminds you of traveling: “drops of jupiter” by train, “american pie” by don mclean

songs that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: "art of life” by x japan, pretty much anything by glay

favorite male voice: toshi from x japan, ryuchi from luna sea, the lead singer from the calling (i’m lousy with names, na no da.)

favorite female voice: tori amos, natalie imbruglia, satou akemi

most annoying male voice: whoever is the lead singer for puddle of mudd, or whoever it was who did that song “blurry”

most annoying female voice: britney spears

male singer's voice that makes you cry: toshi used to, but not anymore...mmmm...mana! ^_~ sooooo just kidding...

this survey was strange. i just categorized stuff as it came up on my winamp player. i think i associate songs weirdly, though. o.O

So I'm going camping for the next few days. Not that it really impacts anything, since I haven't been updating faithfully. But just so you know.

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