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This is the police. This club is closed...forever

Naturally increase your Bust Size!
I'm telling you, there is no better message to recieve as your first email of the morning. How low can Bloussant, the all-natural breast enhancement product, go?!
Well, I'm back, ya'll! I didn't go anywhere, but I'm back. And, after two weeks of pure stress and seven white hairs, I am as cool as ice cream, right down to the fact that I'll make your brain freeze if you devour me too fast. (Wow, that sounds dirty. Meep.) But now that I've gone through fire and ice (roasted at my school's Graduation Ceremony practice and froze during Grad Night's boat ride) I'm ready to take on the real world! Or at least a lazy-@$$ summer, whichever comes first.
So here's the quick rundown on the past few weeks:
June 4th: Beach Day!!! Wow, that was one of the best days all of senior year. In fact, it just may have been the best. ^_^ Our class went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a wild day of rides and shopping and sunburns. For most of my amigos, the day was spent playing on the beach. Quynh, who is normally quite subdued, went insane and threw sand on everyone. The two Flips and I went crab-racing with a couple of kids from England, while Quynh and That Russian Dude dunked each other in the water.
June 11th: Senior Breakfast. Free food at school - why not go? We got some info. on Graduation, and we recieved the Time Capsules we made sophomore year. Mine was lame - just a letter from myself and my Dad, plus a Keroppi pen I thought I'd lost. Looking at other peoples' stuff was entertaining, though, because some people stuffed photos, money, ticket stubs, and who knows what else in those little envelopes we were given.
June 12th: Graduation Practice. It was far, far too hot that day, and everyone melted into little '02 shaped puddles. After we finished, Quynh and Kris hung out at my house for a while (after a Costco lunch) until Kitty came to take me to our old junior high to visit teachers. Unfortunately, on the way over her car's coolant started leaking (I think - all I know is that steam was coming up from under the hood and on the freeway it's friggin' scary!) and we had to go to a gas station to get it fixed. Tony, a friend of Kitty's, ended up playing chaffeur for us the entire afternoon. Nice car, nice guy. When Mom saw him, she asked if he was I was dating him. Sigh. No, I only just met him! She does this with every guy she sees - it's so annoying.
Mom after I'm dropped off by Livasgani: So why aren't you dating him?
Mom after Landis drops off some papers for Leadership: So why aren't you dating him?
Mom upon seeing every picture of every guy in my wallet: Are you dating him? How about that guy?
Mom after Calizar hugged me at Graduation - wait, I'm skipping ahead of myself. Besides, you can figure that out on your own.
June 13th: Graduation. Big, emotional moment. Wow. I'm not a student at Branham anymore. YAHOOOOOOOOOO! Ran home and hid my diploma so they can't take it back when I don't pass English. (I guess this means that I did pass, but whatever. Better safe than sorry.) Went to a Japanese resturant where the chef cooks the food in front of you; saw a HOT*HOT*HOT guy who used to go to my church (We were pretty good friends, too) and was going to go to deAnza next year. I am soooo going to find him next year...(Mom: So are you dating him? -_-)
At nine I reported back to school for Grad Night, which was heaps of fun, even if I spent most of it zoning out downstairs at the bar. Everyone went around hugging everybody, saying "Oh! I'll miss you so much!" Almost got emotional, I did, but then the bartender gave me my glass of water and the emotion was gone.
June 14th: Got back to school at five in the morning, had breakfast. Exchanged final parting notes with Kostas. I'm never sure if that guy's really depressed or he puts on an act because he knows I think it's kinda funny, or what. But whatever - the Greek Geek is cool, and I'm going to take advantage of the fact that he's going to UCSD and bug him every time I'm down there. Ha ha ha.
Kendrick got his Playstation II, but I was too tired to pursue it.
June 15th: Played DDR all morning, then went to Oakridge to get another game for the Playstation. Saw Dan King and said hello and got his recommendations for a couple of games. Kendrick ended up getting X-Men: Mutant Academy (I really don't care for fighting games much...-_-) and I think Dan will never speak to me again, so disgusted was he by the choice. ^^;; Went to visit my aunt and see her new kitten, which we eventually named Michi after our favorite sushi resturant. We then visited the resturant, and drove my Tanya (aunt) insane because Sarah (pet sophomore/"cousin") and I kept checking out the head waiter-dude, who was a really hot Japanese guy. He's married, though. We checked. ^_~ And he spoke Korean, so it was really surreal. Maybe he was Korean...o.O Weird...anyway, I watched Iron Chef (Tomato Battle!!! Iron Chef Italian vs. Some Italian Dude) and then I fell asleep.
June 15th: Came home and Sarah spent the night at my house. Played DDR and the Sims pretty much all day, 'til Sarah went home.
Are we caught up now? More or less, no? So that's what I've been doing. Now I shall go and try to catch up with all the diaries I haven't read since May, thanks to my stressed-out-gotta-pass-high-school-schedule.
P.S. Title from the techno version of the Inspector Gadget. Just so you know.

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