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Yosemite: Monday, March 30th

Our goal on Monday was to get back to San Jose around noon. We blew it by several hours, actually making it home around 3:30. But hey! On the way home we watched ice chunks float down a lazy river and hiked the prettiest wildflower trail in the Sierra, so it was worth it!

It was really, really cold in Yosemite Valley. Our breath formed huge clouds of steam and ice covered the rocks surrounding Yosemite Falls:

But we piled into the car and left around 9 o'clock, I think; not quite on target for getting home by noon but our decision to stop and take a morning hike on the Hite Cove trail had pretty much killed the original time table anyway. As we were exiting the Valley I noticed that ice chunks were floating in the Merced River, and this was unusual enough that Dad pulled over and we all climbed out to look.

Dad's impressed:

Sean was amused that I was wearing a heavy jacket, gloves and flip-flops:

Gotta love the timer on a camera:

But did I mention it was cold? So back in the car we climbed and drove the heck out of Yosemite Valley! I miss it already. By the time we had made it to Savage's Trading Post and the start of the Hite Cove Trail (which is only a few minutes from the park entrance) it had warmed up enough that panting no longer led to visible breath. The wildflowers had started to open up in the morning sun, and they were lovely. The entire side of the mountain was carpeted!

Sean is thrilled with the macro setting on his camera, and took tons of pictures of wildflowers. Some of the best:


I don't know what this one is, but it's lovely:

Blazing Stars:

Purple Clusters:

Popcorn Flowers:

(That's really what they're called. Daddy said so!)

Shooting Stars:


Daddy told me like three times what this tree is called, and I still can't remember:

So many flowers!

The trail was often pretty narrow, and on the edge of a fairly steep terrain:

Most of the trail hangs over a river, so there's always the danger of falling to your death and drowning:

Or, if you're me, you stop and spend several minutes throwing rocks in the river to see if you can make a big splash:

Sean was walking behind me and ended up with a lot of photos that involved me sticking my butt waaaaaaaaaay out, like so:

I forgot my camera, so whenever I wanted Sean to take a photo of something I'd make a fake camera in front of my face and making a clicking noise:

Just as we were leaving, a newt named Squiggles came out to say hello:

Ain't he a beauty?

Finally, Seanie the photographer who took most of these photos!

Many, many more gorgeous photos can be found here, in Sean's Facebook album. By the way, if you haven't friended me on Facebook, you really ought to do so!
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