Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lush it up!!

(Side note: I really need to make a Lush icon. I've only worked there for what, three years? But I only have Bath & Body Works icons...)

Lush sent out product boxes to every sales associate and they're SUPER amazing. Everything is full-sized except for a sample of upcoming Vanillary perfume. My box contained:
- Shave the Planet Shaving Cream - Sean might end up using this one, I'm lazy and almost never use shaving cream.
- Vanillary Perfume - haven't opened it yet, but it has the same fragrance as Vanilla Fountain, a bath bomb that came out last year. Lush is introducing a whole Vanilla product line in this scent, so the box also included Vanillary Solid Perfume, Vanilla Mountain (a super-size Vanilla Fountain), Vanilla Dee-Lite Lotion, and Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder.
- The Hair Doctor - revives sad hair and comforts unhappy scalps. This was originally announced to debut in 2007, but it was delayed due to formula issues. I hope they got that all squared away..
- Dark Angels Facial Cleanser. It's like a combination of Angels on Bare Skin and Coalface. Not my normal skin type, but it looks neat and I want to try it anyway.
- Three new massage bars: Strawberry Feels Forever (man, and I just bought one yesterday!), Business Time, and Heavanilli!

That's easily $100 worth of product. To every employee. Not bad! They certainly did their part to ensure my company loyalty. (I'm easily bought off :-p)
Seriously though, you'll probably hear me talk about the stuff as I try it. I'm so glad Lush made some more foody-scented products; lately I've been in the mood for nothing but sweet smells.
Tags: lush, skincare, surprises in the mail

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