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Stuff for sale

Please buy these from me so I can pay my spring tuition fees! Prices do not include shipping.
Click the photo of the item to see the catalog pictures. I didn't feel like dragging out my mannequin so most of the photos are not on a body...but if you want to see how the garments look on a body, just say so and I'll take more photos.

Additional photos may be in my 'Lip Service' gallery, if you want to check. I also have a 'Chain Link Addiction' skirt and 'War?' leggings that I haven't priced yet, but if you want to make an offer go for it.
All clothes are XS/Petite.

From Hollywood Geisha, Hounds of Bastardville, Fash-ist Fishnet, and Rosary's Garden.

Hollywood Geisha Long Gown from 2003 - $70
Price has been lowered since I last offered this! I've uploaded photos of the dress here:
(Due to a quirk in Facebook's settings, you have to log out of your account or else the link takes you straight to your inbox. Very weird.)

As I tried to show (somewhat unsuccessfully for some of the photos) the dress has the following quirks:
1 - Although the dress is shown with vinyl straps in the catalog photo, it came with no straps.
2 - Odd white speckles on the collar of the vinyl. It must have come that way because I can't think how it could have gotten like that here. I tried to wipe it off with a cloth and warm water, but no luck. If I were to wear it out, I would probably just take a sharpie and "color in" the white spots. They aren't very noticeable unless you're right next to the collar, anyway.
3 - On the back, right near the collar, there's a tiny little run in the fabric. I couldn't even get it to show up in the photos, so it is clearly not a big issue, and your hair would most likely cover it, but I wanted to try to mention it. It's tiny, maybe a 1" long max?
4 - The fabric was called "purple dragon" by the catalog, right? As you may notice, there isn't an actual dragon anywhere on the fabric print! In fact, the dress is a completely different pattern. I'm not sure if it means this is from a different year or if lip service used a different pattern in production vs. the sample.


Tried a few times, but never work out. I tried to zoom in on the hands, so that you could see they haven't gotten all stretched out. The fingers aren't stitched, they're just cut off. The elastic straps at the neck that criss-cross on the back are a little stretched, but I don't think it'll be a problem when the dress is on a body.


Red/black combo
I always thought of this as the 'black widow dress.
Pretty good condition; it was worn briefly for about three-four hours at an anime convention, I think.

Tan colorway
I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO TRADE THESE FOR A SIZE SMALL, OR EVEN A MEDIUM, IF ANYONE HAS ANOTHER PAIR!! I love these pants, but I just can't fit into them anymore. I wore them a couple of times, but there's no serious wear to them other than wrinkling. It's very, very fun to play with the zippers on the sides, I must warn you - when I was bored in class I would sit around and zip/unzip my pants.

I thought this ran a little big compared to the other Petites I've had from Lip Service. The fabric is pretty thin, if you've never seen this dress before. It's really, really cute though - especially with a little crinoline under the skirt!
It helps to be busty for this dress. I'd say you have to be at least a B to fill it out properly. I ended up altering my black Rosary dress so that I could wear it without tons of stuffing.

Again, additional photos may be available in my Lip Service gallery. If there's a certain detail you want a photo of, or you want me to take a picture of it on Madame Dummy, just let me know!
Alternative price offers might be accepted if you want to make one, but I promise nothing.

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