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20 April 2009 @ 02:43 pm
Bizet's Carmen  

Saw Carmen at Opera San Jose on Sunday afternoon with Dad.  Clip above is Maria Callas singing one of the more famous songs.  I wrote a couple of sentences describing the performance to a co-worker, and I'm just going to paste them here because I'm too lazy to write something more thorough:

Carmen was really pretty; the orchestra did a great job with the music but didn't overwhelm the singers' voices.  The singers were well-cast and looked their parts - that is, no 300+ lb. singer pretending to be a starving gypsy or something like that!  The sets were rather plain, just a couple of tall columns or rough rock formations, and the costumes weren't too exciting, but they matched the story.  It's definitely worth seeing if you get a chance:
It is sung in French, but they have supertitles so it wasn't too hard to keep up.

That said, the man singing the Toreador's role was having an off-night.  I mean, I always picture Escamillo as a bombastic sequin-spangled showoff, campy and delightful.  Daniel Cilli sang too quietly, and just didn't bring the enthusiasm to the role that it needs.  But I've seen him in other shows and he did well, so I'm just going to assume he had a cold or jet-lag or something.

While I'm in Opera-mode, Opera Imaginaire still kicks butt.  I LOVE this music video/short animation for Madame Butterfly:

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