Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Design class makes me sound really full of myself.

Well, the critiques in my Design 8 class for the cut-out expanding squares went very well for me. DeAnza instructors usually do critiques in groups rather than individually. You split into groups of four-five students and pick out a few pieces, and as a group describe what you like best about the art. In previous classes I've had teachers also have you point out weaknesses (three good things and one bad thing, usually) but this instructor doesn't do that.

The worst-case scenario, in my opinion, is to not have your work mentioned at all, because then your work is either bad or mediocre. It's my goal to be mentioned at every critique; I'm not normally very competitive but for so many years being 'artistic' was one of my most defining characteristic; it's a notion I still cling to even though I no longer produce art with regularity. So if I'm not good enough to get notice, I feel like I failed. But today was good; my work was called out by four groups, twice for each piece. Out of six groups that's not bad at all! Only one other person got critiqued multiple times, once for each of the two pieces he submitted.

But while it made me feel warm and fuzzy to have people compliment my work, it makes me nervous to have it happen so early in the quarter. It makes me feel like I really have to do just as well *every* *single* *time* or the teacher won't give me an A, because she thinks I'm slacking off. Plus, having people spend so much time talking about my stuff means other people didn't get their work mentioned, and the whole point of a critique is to provide feedback to more than one person.

Oh well. On a wall with nearly sixty pieces, all black and white, all the same medium, it's nice to know that my work still stands out.

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