Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Supreme Court Nominees - Whatever!

So when Obama nominates the next Court nominee, it should be the person most qualified for the position.  Years of experience, scholarship and understanding of Constitutional Law...these things are important to the position and Obama should weigh them carefully.

What should NOT factor into his decision is the gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious background of the Supreme Court nominee.  Granted, I haven't really heard from anyone calling for a Mormon justice or a gay justice (although I'm sure if I conversed in the proper circles I would) but every day when I open up the newspaper there's an opinion column or a letter to the editor calling for a Latino justice, a woman justice, an African-American justice, etc.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  If the best person for the job does turn out to be a Latino Woman whose parents were illegal immigrants, then so be it.  Nominate her.  But don't nominate her BECAUSE she's Latino or BECAUSE she's a woman - nominate her because of her experience, past decisions in a courtroom, etc. If Obama ends up nominating another old white guy because he feels that man's experience will best balance the court's decision-making, then so be it.  Don't scream foul because he wasn't a woman and he wasn't a minority.

(Also, side note - Asian-Americans, why aren't you campaigning for an Asian-American justice?  I just realized I don't think I've heard a peep proclaiming why the repressed Asian-American needs a voice on the Supreme Court.)
Tags: rant, supreme court nominations

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