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Boston: Monday, May 18th

Last day in Boston.

I had originally planned to backtrack and head out to the Gardner Museum, since I hadn't managed to get there on Sunday.  Luckily, before I took off Kendrick checked on-line, and it turns out the Gardner Museum is closed on Mondays.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  So I didn't make it there on this trip, which means I will definitely be heading back to Boston some day soon. 

Kendrick had received a gift card for $50 (I think?) for one of the Red Sox-themed shops out by Fenway Park, so the first thing we did was ride out there.  I'm not too sure why Kendrick said he needed me to go with him; I thought he wanted to get something for Mom but once there, he picked out a hat for himself that he'd seen on-line, paid for it and was ready to leave again.  *shrug*  Oh well.  He still had some money left on the gift card so I guess he'll be going back out there again before he leaves Boston in mid-June.

I needed to print out my boarding pass, and there wasn't a printer in the house, so Kendrick and I went to the library so we could get that done.  I'm so jealous that Boston has such a beautiful library.  I mean, San Jose currently renovating all the library buildings out here, but they're butt ugly.  The branches are earthy red and yellow tones, decidedly modern, and hideous.  But the Compley Square library is more than merely functional; it's beautiful


Across the square from the library was Trinity Church.  I've always heard great things about their windows, so I dragged Kendrick over to check it out.  Poor Kendrick.  He's really not into church architecture and iconography so he was bored to tears.  But Trinity Church has some truly stunning stained glass that seems to contain the beginnings of Art Nouveau, but maybe that's just me seeing what I wanna see.  Very pretty, at any rate.  My camera was dead, though, so the only photo I managed to get was a quick one of the exterior fron the front steps of the library.  Not too exciting.

Now, ever since I'd gotten to Boston I'd seen people running around with Mike's Pastry boxes, and one of Kendrick's roommates raved about it in the only conversation I had with her.  We had lunch in the North End at one of the many Italian restaurants and bought cannoli, whoopie pies and cookies at Mike's.  They didn't take credit cards (which seems weird to me, 'cuz they sell stuff through a website so clearly they have the capability to do so) so we had an embarrassing scramble to find enough dollars between the two of us to cover our order.  Yeah, I'm one of those obnoxious people that think every business needs to move into the 21st century and accept plastic already :-p  I hate carrying cash.
Remembering the pastries makes my mouth water, though.  The cannoli was the perfect combination of crunchy shell and rich cream.  Whoopie pie was just chocolately goodness.  If I liked whipped cream it would probably be more exciting, but after my very first job at a bakery I just can't stand the stuff.  The chocolate cake was lovely and moist, though.  (The things were huge - probably twenty kajillion calories each.)

Kendrick thought it would be tragic if I left Boston without experiencing Cambridge, so we headed out there for my last hour in the city.  I think we spent most of the hour at the Harvard Co-Op, looking at the books.  Heh.  No surprise there.  I wish I'd managed to hit some of Harvard's museums - it's what I originally planned to do - but it never really worked out.  Oh well.  Another trip to Boston.

My flight didn't leave until 8:50, but Kendrick had play rehearsals again and I needed him to help with luggage (I was taking home an extra bag of his stuff to help ease the costs of shipping his stuff home next month) so we left for the airport around 4:30-5:00.  It was really sad leaving my little brother in Boston; I've missed having him around to pester and bug, but I can take comfort in the fact that he'll be home again in San Jose soon enough.  

I did have a minor crisis at the airport.  All the new books I'd bought were checked in with my luggage, but I finished <U>The Principessa</U> and had nothing left to read while I waited in the terminal.  I really am cheap; I refused to pay full price for one of the books the airport was selling, but to be fair the title selection totally sucks if you don't read mysteries/thrillers.  Lucky for me it was only a few minutes 'til boarding, so I just people-watched.

The flight was uneventful.  I did get stuck next to a fat person, though, and he spilled over onto the arm rest so that whenever I wanted to change the channel of my TV I had to stick my finger under one of his fat folds.  That was awkward, but he was asleep.  It could have been a lot worse.

I got home to California right around midnight.  Sean picked me up at SFO and drove me home, and chattered the whole way back.  I think my brain got dropped out of the plane somewhere over Denver because I couldn't form a coherent thought to save my life.  Oh well.  Sleeping at home?  AWESOME. 
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