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Up! Movie

I saw Up last night in 3-D. It was such a fun movie. I have to admit, for me it was a little ill-timed. If you've seen the previews you know one of the main characters is a classic Grumpy Old Man archetype. Well, the first five minutes or so of the minute basically speeds through his whole life with the great love of his life, his wife Ellie. They are, of course, absolutely adorable together, but one can't be a true Grumpy Old Man if one's wife is still Ellie dies. This made me think of my grandmother - I found out about her death almost exactly exactly two weeks before seeing the movie - and of course I started tearing up, and pretty much every time the character was mentioned or flashback'd my eyes would water once again.

But no matter. Up! is such an adorable movie that I forgive it for turning me into waterworks. The premise is ridiculous (old man attaches balloons to his house and it floats away to South America) but it totally works.

The animation is just stunning; I can't believe how far computer animation has come in the past few years. The way they played with the balloons transparency and the way light would reflect through them, sending rainbows everywhere, was just beautiful.

Carl Frederickson totally made me think of my grandfather, who lives down in Southern California. they have the same completely square jaw. There's something so appealing about watching this old man push himself and push himself, first to get to Paradise Falls and later to continue his adventure. I mean, you think of old people as weak and ineffective, and Pixar manages to laugh and incorporate his aging decrepitude while still making Carl kick butt.

Throughout the movie there's this undercurrent of sadness. When you step back, it's a little depressing. Besides Carl's obvious loss of his wife, Russell, the bumbling stowaway, throws himself into the Wilderness Explorer program because it's the only way he can spend time with his dad, who has (presumedly) divorced his mother and lives with his girlfriend, Phyllis, who tells Russell he's 'bugging' his father when he calls.

We watched it in 3-D, which was cool. They have continued to improve the integration between 3-D and the film, so it really adds to the movie experience. The balloons really pop and as people and objects go sailing through the air, they do seem to fly out toward the audience.

PS - I keep waiting for Pixar to screw up and release an awful movie. I wasn't crazy ab out Cars or Wall-E, but they weren't at all bad. Just not to my taste. But Pixar's winning streak can't last forever!

(Shut up, I really like Toy Story.)
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