Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

To Do List (For I am easily distracted)

To be crossed off as completed this weekend:

- paper for Legion of Honor visit (AH)
- journal entries for AH: one, two, three, four  1:42
- officialize topic andd write thesis statement for research paper (AH) 8:55
- order books for research paper  9:05

- paper for Legion of Honor visit (D8)  12:33
- finishing drawing of gods (D8)  1:29
- color background of gods (D8)

- pick classes for summer 12:53

- package + print postage books from bookmooch, PBS, bookcrossing

- visit Lush to talk to Debbie

- get a new audio book at All Ears 3:30

- exercise

- update FP 2:36
- add new FP contest 9: 31
- send FP email 10:00

Saturday, June 6th
Sunday, June 7th
Tags: to-do list

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