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Eighteen sneezes in eighteen seconds...aaack.

Ugh. Samchan’s got some sort of cold. Sam’s throat’s raw, and Sam can’t stop coughing and sneezing. Fine way to celebrate Sam’s birthday.
Oh, that’s right, by the way. It’s Sam’s birthday. Eighteenth birthday. Happy birthday to Sam.

Tigre gave Sam presents today. ^_^_^_^_^ Viet prezzies, no less! Tigre is so nice! Samchan got a new bracelet, reddish color, of an unknown stone. (The style of bracelet is often made of jade, but this one is the wrong color. Sam will have her grandfather identify it next time she sees him. He is smart like that.) Sam was also given a funky wooden pencil holder thing that can be taken apart like a puzzle and put back together again and again and again. (It was very very entertaining, and kept Sam busy all of third period. Put it together, take it apart. Make it a circle, make it a square.) Woohoo! And Kris is looking into getting Sam a DDR dance pad for the Playstation II that Sam’s brother is going to buy any day now. ^_^ Sam likes that!

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